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Tool Box – Excavator Attachment

Tool Box – Excavator Attachment

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Convenient auxiliary tool box attachment for mini excavators. No more dangerously storing tools behind chairs, under feet, etc. No need to go to the car to get it. 
Product Features 
- Due to the nature of heavy equipment, maintenance of hydraulic hoses and lower tracks is frequent. At this time, if you install this product, you can always keep basic tools close by, making it easy and convenient to use. 
- You can store monkeys, 27mm spanners, 22mm spanners, 19mm spanners, 17mm spanners, pliers, etc. all at once. 
- It is 10 times thicker than a normal tool box, making it safe. (Usually the thickness of the tool box is 0.2mm) 
- This product has a thick tool box, so the lid does not open even when impacted during work. 
- Can be used in 4 seasons with powder coating. Low risk of corrosion. 
- Can be used on excavators without a top (lid). 
- An essential item for heavy equipment users or mini excavator users!! 
Product Specifications 
- For mini excavator 
- Weight: 2kg / 1 piece 
- Size: Width 275 x Length 100 x Height 100mm 
- Thickness: 2T (2mm) 
- Fixing pin size: 
          - Bolt length 10mm, nut diameter (inside) 10mm, nut diameter (outside) 14mm 

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