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Cell Phone Holder – Excavator Attachment

Cell Phone Holder – Excavator Attachment

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Convenient auxiliary cell phone holder attachment for mini excavators. 
Product Features 
- You can store your phone safely while working and use it conveniently during breaks. 
- Can be used in 4 seasons with powder coating. Low risk of corrosion. 
- Can be used on excavators without a top (lid). 
- Cell phone wired earphones or wired charging cable can be connected externally. 
- Shock-proof sponges are built into the left and right sides of the device. 
Product Specifications 
- For mini excavator 
- Weight: 600g / 1 piece 
- Size: Width 100 x Height 50 x Height 140mm 
- Thickness: 2T (2mm) 
- Fixing pin size: 
          - Bolt length 10mm, nut diameter (inside) 10mm, nut diameter (outside) 14mm 

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