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about IRINGO

IRINGO launched in 1998, and is now known globally for greatest education toy. IRINGO designed the world's first angle-changeable 3D joint block. It not only can make what the children imagine, but also change form. It helps to improve children's imagination, creativity, IQ and EQ. 


Also IRINGO is the best sensibility Block that Children can express their thoughts through IRINGO and then infuse vitality into it. In addition, IRINGO improves children's tactile, visual, and hearing senses : The blocks being put together and moved are helpful for the improvement of their sense of touch and various colors of the blocks improve their visual senses. Lastly, the sounds of assembling the blocks improve hearing sense! - It is the only Learning block that simultaneously grow and develop these three senses. IRINGO is a world-recognized excellent brand and it has been exporting to Japan, the USA, China, Europe, Australia and all over the world. 

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